‘Good sex’ resources


Good, bad, depends on…

good bad depends

For this activity you will need four copies of the Good, bad, depends cards and one copy of the prompt cards.

To run the activity: divide your group into four groups and give each group a set of prompt cards and a set of the large good, bad, depends cards. Ask each group to discuss and decide where each prompt card should go. Is ’embarrassment’ a mark of ‘bad sex’, ‘good sex’ or does it depend?  Is ‘underage sex’ an example of ‘bad sex’, ‘good sex’ or does this depend?

Bring all four set of cards together and gather round to discuss the decisions that each group has made. For details of discussion prompts and key learning aims from this activity you can download the sexual pleasure training course powerpoint. This activity has been developed for use with practitioners so you may want to adapt it for use with young people.

What is good sex? Group discussion

GS discussion cards

This activity encourages young people to think critically about what counts as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ sex using a series of quotes from research with young people.

You can download the quotes here and use them to structure  individual or small group discussion activities.

We have used them to make discussion cards for use in small groups of young people aged 16 – 22. This works by spreading out  the discussion cards on the table and asking the group to choose a card that they agree / disagree with and tell the group why. Usually this sparks fierce debate and passionate discussion.

It is important to set clear ground rules before you start this activity and make it clear that you are not asking young people to talk about their own experiences but to give their opinions about why they agree / disagree with the statements on the cards.

Making a ‘good sex’ film’: Group activity

Day 1 GS Lucy Em and group

In this activity the group will use survey data to make a short film about ‘good sex’.  The activity is flexible so that the group can focus on the creative and technical processes of film-making or on whole group discussion about sexual norms and values. You do not need to have any film making skills to run this activity!!

Resources required

• List of ‘good sex’ survey responses (download here)
• Video camera or other device that can be used to create film (e.g. ipad / flip-cam / smart phone)
• Laptop with projector or device that can be used to show films to whole group
• Flipchart paper
• Post-it notes
• Pens

How to make a ‘good sex’ film – download here

Additional resources to download:

The good sex survey responses

The bad sex survey responses


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