What’s the project all about?

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The ‘good sex’ project aims to promote ‘sex-positive’ approaches to sexual health service delivery through building a robust and accessible evidence base. Through a series of collaborative research and knowledge exchange projects we aim to use original research to develop resources for young people, practitioners and commissioners to use. This blog contains films, training and educational resources as well as reflections on how to ‘do’ knowledge exchange with young people, practitioners and artists. For more information please contact  @estermcgeeney.

You can read more about Ester’s work here.

Current projects:

great desire

Sex and song-writing: Running in Brighton from October 2014 – March 2015 this project forms part of The Wellcome Collection’s public engagement activities, linked to their new Institute of Sexology.

The project involves a collaboration between researchers from the University of Sussex, musicians from Brighton youth music project Rhythmix, and a youth practitioner from Brighton based youth organizations Safety net. The aim will be to engage a group of young women to take part in a music-making-research-journey that ends up with public performances in London and Brighton. This is a participatory project that will involve the young women using existing research materials as the basis for song-writing and performance.

Previous projects:

Day 1 GS9

The original ‘Good Sex’ project was a collaboration between Brook and the University of Sussex  that ran between Summer 2014 and Summer 2014.  It aimed to use original research on young people’s sexual relationships and cultures to explore new and creative explore ways of using research evidence to inform practice. Over a 12 month period we created the following resources, all of which are available on this site:

1. A series of 13 short films that reanimate interview data from the original research about young people’s experiences of first sex.

2. Two short films that reanimate survey data from the original research on good / bad sex.

3. Training materials for a one-day training course on sexual pleasure and linked education resources available to download from here. The materials have been piloted and delivered to 31 participants from Brook and partner organisations.

4. A series of short films based on interviews with practitioners and researchers about why it is important to talk about sexual pleasure and how it might be possible to do this in practice. Available on You Tube where they have had over 400 views.  These short interviews are also being edited into one short film (coming soon!) that sets out 10 key reasons why it is important to talk to young people about pleasure and 10 ways in which it might be possible to do so.

5. A review of the evidence on why it is important to embed sexual pleasure and sex positive approaches in youth sexual health service delivery. (Coming soon!)

7. Project findings have been presented at the BSA annual conference at the University of Leeds in April 2014 and the Researching sex and intimacy in contemporary life symposium at the University of Sussex in July 2014. A recording of an earlier presentation on the project at the University of Sussex is available online.





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