Why is it important to talk to young people about sex and pleasure?

Over the past year documentary film maker Susi Arnott and I have been interviewing sex educators, researcher, health workers and youth practitioners about why it is important to talk to young people about sex and pleasure.

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This series of 11 clips captures their responses. Watch. Share. Tell us what you think.

#1 Sexual health is about more than preventing unwanted pregnancy and STIs. It is about the right to have safe and enjoyable sexual experiences.

 #2 To bridge the gap between what young people learn at school and what happens in their real lives.

#3 Understanding pleasure is an essential part of safeguarding young people and understanding consent. How can you say ‘no’ if you don’t know how to say ‘yes’?

#4 It’s your job!

#5 It will help you to explore safer (and maybe more pleasurable) alternatives to penis and vagina sex

#6. It helps us to make sure we include all people of all genders and sexualities in sexual health and sex education services.

#7 To challenge gender stereotypes about sex and pleasure.

#8 To make sure we give young people a more realistic alternative to pornography. 

#9 Because it’s what young people want

#10 To help young people make the right decisions.

#11 Because no-one else will

Have you got a reason 12? We would love to hear from you. Contact participation@brook.org.uk or tweet @brookcharity #pleasure

These films forms part of the good sex project which aims to promote ‘sex-positive’ approaches to sexual health service delivery through building a robust and accessible evidence base. The project is a collaboration between Brook and the Centre for Innovation and Research in Childhood and Youth at University of Sussex and funded by the ESRC.


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