New release!!

We are very proud to finally release the films created by Brook volunteers as part of the ‘good sex’ project! Here are ‘Indiah’s story’ and ‘Tommy’s story’, created by Rebecca Pearson, Carlos Da Silva  and Megan Pickering, with support from Susi Arnott and Ester McGeeney.

IMG_0233        IMG_3691         IMG_3622

Each film tells one young person’s story of first sex and gradually improving sexual confidence and pleasure. The films are based on interviews with young people and were created as part of a 3 month participatory film-making project. To read more about how the films are made you can read our post on Kat’s story: experiments in reanimating data.

If these films wet your appetite and you want to hear more young people’s stories, take a look at the 11 films we have also created with young actors from local acting agency, MN academy.

All stories are performed by actors and all names are pseudonyms chosen by the original interview participants.





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